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Teresa Melchor



My Story

👋🏽 hi there!
I’m here for all of your fragrance and home decor needs!
We have something for everyone and every part of your home life: from the little loves 👶🏼 in your life to the cleaning 🧼 in your home.
Pretty much the only thing we don’t have is toilet paper 🧻 (2020 most sought item 😂)
I’m a mom of 2, ages 6 & 1 yes old & 2 bonus teenagers.♥️
I work in a healthcare setting and have been for 20 years now. I’m ready to leave all of that and do Scentsy full time. I just LOVE it that much.
Scentsy has brought so many amazing people into my life and given me so much more confidence. 🤗
It’s my turn to help and show others how amazing Scentsy is in their homes and those that are looking for just a bit 👌🏽 more, and how they can make Scentsy work for them as well! It’s so much more than just warmers and wax!

What's warming in my home